If you use Firefox on multiple computers, you can find that you have bookmarks all over the place. It can be difficult to combine the bookmarks into one complete set. Especially if these sets of bookmarks have a lot of overlap due to diverging from a common source. This code can merge firefox bookmark.html files together while preserving their bookmark directory structures and removing the duplicates within each folder. i.e.duplicates not in the same folder will be preserved.


Windows users may want to download the executable bookmark_merger-0.2.3.exe which is completely self-contained. Using bookmark_merger-0.2.3.exe -h will give instructions on usage.

Otherwise, the python code can be downloaded. You will need python (~2.6) and the library pyparsing (~1.55). The archive can be extracted and used anywhere. Alternatively running "python install" will move the code and script to the usual places in your python distribution. There is also a windows installer which will directly install the code into your python distribution.

Download Version Description
windows executable 0.2.3 This command-line program is completely self-contained. It was created from the python script using py2exe.
Python scripts 0.2.3 requires python and the library pyparsing.
source-code windows installer 0.2.3 Still requires python and pyparsing. Installs the source code into the python installation.