Firefox bookmarks

To get the bookmark.html file go to the bookmark manager from inside Firefox ( [Bookmarks] and choose [Organise Bookmarks...]). Then, from the [import and backup] menu, choose [export html].

Firefox used to use the bookmarks.html file to store user bookmarks but this has now been superseded by a json file. However, the bookmarks.html format is still the easiest method for exporting bookmarks.

Using bookmark_merger


See the home page for a description of the available downloads

If you are using the compiled executable: bookmark_merger-0.2.exe then there is no installation! The easiest thing is to move the executable into a directory containing the bookmarks that you want to merge.

Using the code, the simplest way to use this code is to extract the files into a suitable directory and run the script (see below).

Otherwise, running 'python install' will place the files into the python site-packages directory and the script into the python/scripts directory. bookmark_merger can then be run directly from the commandline in any chosen directory (i.e. the directory with the bookmarks in it!).

If you choose to download the windows installer then this is almost equivalent to runnning the 'python install' command on the extracted source code but I do not think that dependencies are handled (?).

The python module and scripts were written and tested using python ver. 2.6. In addition, it depends on the pyparsing module (versions 1.51 -1.55+ should all work). If you wish to use to install the module then setuptools will also be required (v.0.6).

Quick Start

If you just want to merge several firefox bookmark files as quickly as possible then you can use the script '' or the command-line executable bookmark_merger-0.2.exe.

bookmark_merger is best run on the command line. Run -h or bookmark_merger-0.2.exe -h for help.

Usage: [options] dir_path1 dir_path2

All html files in the given directories will be assumed to be firefox bookmark.html files. If no directory is given then the current directory will be used


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-r, --recursive
Recursively explore given directory for bookmark files
-o FILE, --outfile=FILE
write output to FILE [default: merged bookmarks.html]